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Flash Fiction

The Goblin, Daily Science Fiction, 5 February 2019

Hellava Journey, New Myths Issue 45, 15 December 2018

Fenrir, New Myths Issue 39, 15 June 2017

A Little Red, Grievous Angel, 27 February 2017



The missing sock perplexed me. We bought a pair of pink socks for our baby's christening and now one was missing after its initial wash.

Was it wedged between the washing machine or eaten by the cat? A careful examination of both ruled them out. The scratched hand didn't help. I waved the orphaned sock angrily at the cat.

"Hurry up, honey!" My husband called. "We're going to be late. I have baby's left sock. Did you find the other?"


~Winner, The Great Eighty Flash Fiction Competition, November 2017



It was sheer luck that you took flight 250 and I, flight 851. How grateful I am that we made up before we parted, as I now sob uncontrollably, watching your plane engines sputter and fail, free-falling.

the age-old battle
between force and gravity
the gravity of loss


~Winner, WonderFold Writing Contest, February 2018



I see dragons in the sky while Eva sees attacking bears. Too quickly, the clouds shift and both sky creatures dissipate.

The snow is on its way, Eva says. We better head home.

We race each other back to the cabin on the hill where we have lived all our lives, Eva still faster on account of her being born seconds before me. I tease her that she must have nudged me aside to exit first, too excited to see the world.

Mama waits for us by the door, a frown on her face. "You remember how you shouldn't wander too far this close to winter?"

"Yes, Mama," we reply, heads bowed and sorry for making her worry.

We sit together by the fireplace after supper. Mama gently grooms our fur while retelling the tale of our ancestors, our tradition every winter.

"Once, we were wildcats, living out in the wilderness. Your pregnant grandmother's paw got caught in a cruel poacher’s snare. Our human rescued her and destroyed the trap. He nursed her back to health in this cabin and we have lived here ever since, safe from the monsters."

We purr and curl up against her. A long winter is coming and I will dream of dragons.


~Winner, Folded Word Nautical Twilight PM Winter Solstice Series Selection, December 2018