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Archived Features 2017

20 January 2017: A deeply insightful analysis at Haiku Commentary of my poem, "the meows", which first appeared in last December's Failed Haiku.

3 January 2017: My tiny haiku collections, "The Birth of New Things" and "The Serenity of Dreams" will be published by Poems-For-All later this year!


Archived Releases 2017

29 March 2017: who I am appears in The Vocation issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

who I am
after motherhood

25 March 2017: the bluebird sings appears in Chanokeburi.

22 March 2017: urban legend appears in the The Boss's Spouse issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

urban legend
the never-seen
boss's spouse

20 March 2017: Spring Equinox appears in Astronomers Without Borders.

20 March 2017: even perfection appears in Stardust Haiku Issue 3.

16 March 2017: Scifaiku azure sun, February heat, and ruby sky, and tanka dew drops appear in Scifaikuest 53.

16 March 2017: dementia, dried leaf twirling, and dead end appear in the Spring issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

15 March 2017: office astrologer appears in the March equinox issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

11 March 2017: never far, windchill, and evening star appear in hedgerow #109.

8 March 2017: after gesticulating for a day appears in the Lost in Translation issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

7 March 2017: empty nest, winter storm, and moth orchids appear in wild voices: an anthology of small poems & art by women.

6 March 2017: 3 scifaiku, Three Suns, Twin Headlights, and Sprinkled Beneath appear in Grievous Angel's Wall-to-Wall Scifaiku Fest.

1 March 2017: My children's haiku Goose Egg appears in the March 2017 issue of Cricket.

1 March 2017: teaching her appears in the Interns and Trainees issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

1 March 2017: snow moon, morning fog, vanishing, bevelling, malaise, icy breeze, and constantly returning in otata 15.

1 March 2017: unwatched growth, wine country, ice skating, and one part of me appears in Failed Haiku 15.

1 March 2017: distant stars and crinkling leaves appear in brass bell.

28 February 2017: My flash fiction A Little Red appears in Grievous Angel today!

20 February 2017: observing appears in the Mentor issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

19 February 2017: which you, black moon, bloody spindle, all that talk, and Halloween night in Star*Line 40.1.

bloody spindle
putting another princess
under again

19 February 2017: interrogation room appears in Mayfly 62.

18 February 2017: witching hour appears in hedgerow #106.

15 February 2017: endless appears in Haikuniverse.

the brief lives
of stardust

15 February 2017: singing along appears in the Answering Machine issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

14 February 2017: Valentine's Day appears in Haikuniverse.

8 February 2017: best vacation appears in the Work Travel issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

3 February 2017: Pink dress appears in the Asahi Haikuist.

1 February 2017: in complete darkness, easterly, daffodils appear in otata 14.

1 February 2017: watching over us appears in brass bell.

1 February 2017: blister domes appears in Haiku in the Workplace: Workplace Accidents.

1 February 2017: morning selfie, supermoon, and weeping willow appear in Failed Haiku 14.

30 January 2017: morning sun, the owls quiet, fourth coffee, her voice, and old pond appear in otata 13.

25 January 2017: dreaming appears in Haiku in the Workplace: Commuting.

I missed my bus stop
I missed my bus stop

20 January 2017: blue moon and deep woods appear in hedgerow #102.

20 January 2017: The old tavern appears in the latest issue of the Asahi Haikuist.

18 January 2017: long-awaited retirement appears in Haiku in the Workplace: Retirement.

long-awaited retirement
my daughter phones me to ask
if I can babysit

18 January 2017: supernova appears in Stardust Haiku Issue 1.

in the chalkboard sky
stardust to stardust

11 January 2017: after hours appears in the Balancing Work with Life issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

5 January 2017: post-holiday week appears in The Post-Holiday Season issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

4 January 2017: Death's Other Superpowers appears in Weird Fiction Review #7, on sale now!

1 January 2017: last chocolate and first sight appear in brass bell: happiness.

1 January 2017: reverie, counting sheep, and first date appear in Failed Haiku 13.


Archived Sales 2017

28 February 2017: "the gravity" was accepted for the Eighth issue of Sonic Boom.

26 February 2017: "teaching her" was accepted for the Interns and Trainees issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

26 February 2017: "in the end" was accepted for cattails.

24 February 2017: "windchill" and "evening star" were accepted for hedgerow #109 and "the part of me" for hedgerow #110.

23 February 2017: "on the carousel" was sold to Akitsu Quarterly.

23 February 2017: "Between" and "Rumble" were sold to Scifaikuest.

20 February 2017: "tornado warning" was sold to Star*Line.

16 February 2017: "never far" was accepted for hedgerow #109.

14 February 2017: "trapped" was accepted for the summer 2017 issue of Skylark.

12 February 2017: "The Last of Us" was sold to Space and Time.

9 February 2017: "witching hour" was accepted for hedgerow #106.

5 February 2017: "best vacation" was accepted for the Work Travel issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

30 January 2017: "Turning My Skin", "The Simplest", and "The Wine" were sold to Star*Line.

30 January 2017: My flash fiction "A Little Red" was sold to Grievous Angel.

29 January 2017: "morning selfie", "supermoon", and "weeping willlow" were accepted for Failed Haiku.

28 January 2017: "Little Red" was sold to Polu Texni.

28 January 2017: "blister domes" was accepted for the Workplace Accidents issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

19 January 2017: "dreaming" was accepted for the Commuting issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

18 January 2017: "Schrodinger's Cat", "Blue Moon", "Pet Wolf", "Found in Sarpedon", and "Hoping" were sold to Star*Line.

15 January 2017: "interrogation room" was sold to Mayfly.

13 January 2017: "long-awaited retirement" was accepted for the Retirement issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

11 January 2017: "blue moon" and "deep woods" were accepted for hedgerow #102.

9 January 2017: "up late" was accepted for American Tanka's upcoming issue.

6 January 2017: "after hours" has been accepted for the Balancing Work with Life issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

2 January 2017: "I point out" and "gathering dusk" were accepted for Presence 57.


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