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Astropoetry, my first collection of 2017, celebrates the wonders and mysteries of space in scifaiku and lyrical prose. On sale now in print US$6 and digital US$1.99 from Alban Lake Publishing.

Astropoetry by Christina Sng

Elgin Chapbook Award nominee, An Assortment of Sky Things, is a poetic tour of the solar system and beyond in haiku and short poetry. Available in print for US$5 postpaid from Allegra Press.

An Assortment of Sky Things by Christina Sng

Catku takes us on a whimsical life journey between a cat and its human, a tale woven with 21 haiku and senryu based on my life with beloved cats. A must-have for all cat lovers. Available in print for US$5 postpaid from Allegra Press.

CATKU by Christina Sng

A Constellation of Songs, my first haiku collection, spans birth to death, illuminating the wonder and beauty of life in between. Available in print from Allegra Press for US$5 postpaid and as a free PDF from the Origami Poems Project.

A Constellation of Songs by Christina Sng

Dark Dreams is on sale as an eBook at Smashwords. The amazing cover is by Brian Hurtt, artist and co-creator of The Sixth Gun.

Dark Dreams

Christina Sng is a poet, writer, and artist. Her work in Japanese short form poetry, science fiction, and horror has received numerous accolades, most notably, Second Prize in The 2016 San Francisco International Competition for Tanka, Third Prize in the 2016 Annual Harold G. Henderson Award for Haiku, nominations in the Dwarf Stars and Rhysling Awards as well as Honourable Mentions in the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. She is the author of several collections, including Elgin Award nominee An Assortment of Sky Things (Allegra Press), A Constellation of Songs (Origami Poems Project, Allegra Press), Catku (Allegra Press), Astropoetry (Alban Lake Publishing), and A Collection of Nightmares (Raw Dog Screaming Press).

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27 April 2017: My haiku "daybreak" is 5th place in the Caribbean Kigo Kukai on Poem in my Pocket:

the welcome sight
of our lost cat

23 April 2017: My haiku "oyster pearls" earned an Honourable Mention in the Wild Plum Haiku Contest 2017!

oyster pearls
finding myself again
after motherhood

19 April 2017: Delighted to be featured in the 2017 Rhysling Poets Showcase #9.

29 March 2017: My haiku "spring retreat" was awarded 2nd Place in the 2017 Anniversary Caribbean Kigo Kukai.

spring retreat
I disappear into
my bonsai forest

28 March 2017: Wonderful review of Catku by Nicholas Klacsanzky of Haiku Commentary.

19 March 2017: Proud to be a part of the International Women's Haiku Festival on Jennifer Hambrick's Inner Voices with my senryu, pasta machine and crystal clear lake. It is a splendid series to read, with insightful and thought-provoking commentary on each poem.

14 March 2017: My poem "Tenderly" is a Finalist in the 2017 Kindness Contest.

12 March 2017: My space collection Astropoetry has launched!

25 January 2017: Delighted to receive 3 Haiku of Merit in the Winter 2017 World Haiku Review:

winter waves
after these long years
still swept away by you

tiniest pearl
in the oyster shell
faraway star

knotted branches
my mixed feelings
about you

22 January 2017: The Leviathans of Europa was nominated for a Rhysling Award in the long poem category.

21 January 2017: My chapbook, An Assortment of Sky Things, was nominated for an Elgin Award! This is my first nomination.

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6 May 2017: "Puffy Clouds" appears in the May/June 2017 issue of Cricket.

6 May 2017: "the part of me" appears in hedgerow #110.

the part of me
still unbroken
sense of humour

1 May 2017: "sleeping baby" appears in Ama no gawa.

sleeping baby
her starlit dreams
still magical

1 May 2017: My horrorku "first date" appears in Dreams and Nightmares #106.

1 May 2017: "morning chill", "volcanic country", and "small closet" appear in otata 17.

morning chill
finding them gone
breakfast untouched

volcanic country
again I ask myself
why and why

small closet
the comfort of sitting
in the dark

1 May 2017: "blushing bride" appears in the Colorful Haiku issue of brass bell.

blushing bride
my red lipstick print
on her cheek

21 April 2017: 3 haiku appear in today's Asahi Haikuist Network.

Craving to be
immersed in greenery
urban girl

Singaporean writer Christina Sng is nurturing her skill at growing plants. Admitting that at first she "actually killed cactus," she adds, "I am making up for the plants I inadvertently let die." Her cat rolls in a refreshed environment.

Green thumb
bringing back to life
these wilted plants

Patch of grey
in the grass
my tabby cat

20 April 2017: "ballet recital" appears in tinywords 17.1.

ballet recital
the parents
tiptoe in

20 April 2017: "ballet recital" appears in tinywords 17.1.

19 April 2017: "maternity leave" appears in Haiku in the Workplace.

maternity leave
sharp learning curve
on a new job

17 April 2017: Happy to be a part of the EarthRise Rolling Collaborative Haiku 2017 on Reconciliation!

winter years
we agree to disagree
elderly cat

17 April 2017: 2 science fiction and fantasy tanka, "Seconds Before" and "Yellow Bricks" in the latest Grievous Angel.

14 April 2017: "winter nights" and "frozen pond" have been translated to German and appear in Chrysanthemum 21.

13 April 2017: "breakfast team meeting" appears in Haiku in the Workplace.

11 April 2017: My horrorku "Full Moon" appears in Scifaikuest Online.

9 April 2017: "Invading Jupiter" and "Annalise Wanders The Forest" appears in Outposts of Beyond.

9 April 2017: My haiku "in the end" appears in cattails.

in the end
only you and I remain
winter moon

8 April 2017: Overjoyed to receive my contributor's copy of Spectral Realms #6 in the mail today, with my poems, "Moonlight in the Playground", "When the Earth Was Young", "The Door", and "The War of Dragons". And for my friends who are Game of Thrones fans, here is "The Door":


Darkening winter
a crow entangled
in branches

Race for
the fastest ships
drowning man

Crossed line
an impossibility

Red fire
even a spider
has something to fear

Street performance
a girl cannot escape

Incurable disease
even the queen
has no power over it

Summer's end
an old friend
holds the door

7 April 2017: "Painting" appears in today's Asahi Haikuist in the Asahi Shimbun.

6 April 2017: My scifaiku, "found in Sarpedon", "the wine", "hoping", "turning my skin", "tornado warning", "the simplest", "pet wolf", "blue moon", "full moon", and "Schrodinger's cat" appear in Star*Line 40.2.

6 April 2017: My senryu "just one rose petal" has been translated to Russian in Ershik #16!

just one rose petal
wedged in her hair
grandma's funeral

5 April 2017: My tanka "I point out" and haiku "gathering dusk" in Presence #57!

I point out
a tiny periwinkle
to my little girl
she points to
an even tinier one

5 April 2017: "I meant" appears in the Auto-Correct issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

4 April 2017: Deeply honoured that my poem "bloody spindle" has been included in Deborah P Kolodji's article "The Dark Side of the Moon: The Art of Writing Scifaiku" along with the reprint of my poem "a world" in the scifaiku issue of Prune Juice.

bloody spindle
putting another princess
under again

--Star*Line 40.1, 2017

a world
of possibilities
my cat in a box

--Star*Line 39.4, 2016

1 April 2017: "nightingale" earns 16 points in the Spring 2017 edition of the European Quarterly Kukai #17 on the topic "birds".

my baby's nose

1 April 2017: "ocean currents" appears in the Sharpening the Green Pencil Book of the Contest 2017.

1 April 2017: "old owl", "driftwood", "moonless night", and "a little girl waving" appear in otata 16.

1 April 2017: "half time", "tall grasses", "anaesthesia", and "undignified sneeze" appear in Failed Haiku 16.

1 April 2017: "rose petals" and "mulberries" appear in brass bell's edible haiku issue.

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3 May 2017: "distant starlight" and "onyx sky" were accepted for hedgerow #113.

30 April 2017: "Mars Beckons" was sold to Grievous Angel.

29 April 2017: "sleeping baby" was accepted for Ama no gawa.

27 April 2017: 3 haiku "winter fog", "moonlit river", and "spring sun" were accepted for Akitsu Quarterly's summer issue.

26 April 2017: My flash fiction "Fenrir" was sold to New Myths for their June issue!

25 April 2017: "a day", "strawberries", and "toddling" were accepted for the Mother's Day feature in Chanokeburi.

24 April 2017: "Pet Cemetery" and "Spellbook Spent" were sold to Star*Line.

15 April 2017: "usual questions" was accepted for the 12th issue of Gnarled Oak.

30 March 2017: "Thin Winter Air" and "Titan Landing" were sold to Scifaikuest.

20 March 2017: "frozen pond" and "winter nights" will appear in Chrysanthemum 21 in English and translated into German.

20 March 2017: "Full Moon" was sold to Star*Line.

14 March 2017: "ballet recital" was accepted for tinywords 17.1.

13 March 2017: "a world" will be reprinted in the March issue of Prune Juice.

12 March 2017: "office astrologer" was accepted for the March Equinox issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

9 March 2017: "Planet Nine" was accepted for the British Science Fiction Association's Focus Magazine.

8 March 2017: "Aenid's Dream" and "Pull" were sold to Spectral Realms #7.

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