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How To Trim Your Cat's Claws, Creatures (October 2020, USA)

8 Ways Your Cats Tell You They Love You, Creatures (October 2020, USA)

How to Bathe Your Cat, Catness (October 2020, USA)

My Cat Does More Than Sleep All Day, Catness (October 2020, USA)

I Saved a Lizard from a Sticky Wrapper, Creatures (October 2020, USA)

Who Will Care For Your Cat When You Go Away?, Creatures (September 2020, USA)

Why You Should Adopt an Older Cat, Creatures (September 2020, USA)

The Joys of Living with a Cat, Catness (September 2020, USA)



Your Cat's Sleep Cycle Changes Over The Years, MuddyUm (October 2020, USA)

I'm Trying To Sleep But My Stomach Disagrees, MuddyUm (October 2020, USA)

The Strange Phenomena of Food Coma and Anesthesia, MuddyUm (October 2020, USA)



5 Tips on Self-Healing During Tumultuous Times, The Ascent (November 2020, USA)

Make Writing Your Therapy, Write Like a Girl (November 2020, USA)

How I Began To Breathe Again, In Fitness And In Health (October 2020, USA)

A Guide to Self-Care, In Fitness And In Health (August 2020, USA)


Horror and Science Fiction:

A Man of Many Hats, Interstellar Flight Magazine (November 2021, USA)

A New Halloween, Interstellar Flight Magazine (October 2021, USA)

The Incredible Mr. Jamal Hodge, Interstellar Flight Magazines (September 2021, USA)

Jason Erik Lundberg: An American Writer in Asia, Interstellar Flight Magazine (September 2021, USA)

The Trailblazing Ms Flynn, Interstellar Flight Magazine (September 2021, USA)

The Enduring Power of Heritage, Interstellar Flight Magazine (March 2021, USA)

How Heritage Affects the Stories We Live and the Stories We Tell, Interstellar Flight Magazine (February 2021, USA)

Poltergeist Revisited, Interstellar Flight Magazine (October 2020, USA)

Final Girl: A Life in Horror, Interstellar Flight Magazine (October 2020, USA), Interstellar Flight Magazine Best of Year Two (November 2021, USA)

Hong Kong Swordfighting Sagas of my Childhood, Ladies of Horror Fiction (April 2019, USA)

Horror and Halloween in Singapore, Horror Writers Association Blog (October 2018, USA)


TV and Film:

Love is a Many Splendored Thing, Cinemania (February 2021, USA)

The Queen's Gambit Got Me To Play Chess Again, Cinemania (January 2021, USA)

A Journey into the Darkness of a Violent Mind: A commentary on the American horror movie Becky (2020), Cinemania (January 2021, USA)

Peppermint (2018), FanFare (December 2020, USA)

The Boys: A Subversive Tale of Superheroes, Cinemania (December 2020, USA)

The Best Superhero TV Series to Watch with Your Daughter, Interstellar Flight Magazine (August 2020, USA)


Web and Tech:

Writing for the Web, Medium (August 2020, USA), IT Courses Now (11/2002, Malaysia)

The Ultimatte Bluescreen Compositing Technology, Asia Pacific Broadcasting (6/2001, Singapore)



How to Save Money, Medium (August 2020, USA)



Women in Engineering, Engineering Courses Now (9/2002, Malaysia)

Great Salesmanship: a consumer's view, Business Courses Now (6/2002, Malaysia)

Web Development: A Microevolution, IT Courses Now (5/2002, Malaysia)

What to Look for in an Art College, Art, Design, and Mass Comm Courses Now (3/2002, Malaysia)

Make the Most of Your University Life, Business Courses Now (12/2001, Malaysia)


Video Scripts:

Connect@Changi (2021, Singapore)


White Papers:

India: Winning the Race for Contact Centre Dominance in Asia, Jones Lang LaSalle (10/2003, Singapore)

What Corporates Want, Jones Lang LaSalle (5/2003, Singapore)

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