Christina Sng is a writer of contemporary haiku, speculative poetry, and science fiction. Her work has received numerous accolades, including nominations in the Dwarf Stars and Rhysling Awards as well as Honourable Mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. She is the author of several chapbooks, including Dark Dreams (Smashwords, 2011) and A Constellation of Songs (Origami Poems Project, 2016) and her first two full-length books, Astropoetry (Alban Lake Publishing, 2016) and A Collection of Nightmares (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2016) are slated for winter this year.

More About Christina, her Bibliography, Poetry Chapbooks, Poetry, Haiku, and Space Haiga online. She also Tweets @christinasng, sporadically.


25 July 2016: summer break and funeral morning appear in bear creek haiku.

25 July 2016: belled cat appears in Akisame 37:1.

21 July 2016: mossy puddles and summer by the sea in the 8th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest Selected Haiku Submissions Collection.

19 July 2016: rain drops, muggy Monday, rainy season, decorating, and cold drizzle appear in bear creek haiku.

16 July 2016: summer rain, white lilies, and desert rain appear in hedgerow #86.

14 July 2016: In the gorgeous issue 61 of Mayfly, my haiku, mother’s diamond ring.

13 July 2016: Thrilled to see my haiku winter barn paired with Takahashi Biho’s beautiful painting, “Owl and Blossoms” on the European Haiku Society page.

9 July 2016: sand dunes and wind chimes appear in hedgerow #85.

6 July 2016: My poem Mirror to the Other Side appears in the July issue of Mythic Delirium.

5 July 2016: The summer issue of Akitsu Quarterly has arrived, with three of my haiku, fading sun, dark skies, and snowflakes.

5 July 2016: My poem The Atomizer and The Matchbox appears in Ghostlight, The Magazine of Terror.

1 July 2016: Prune Juice features my war poems, at the cemetery, night bombings, war stories, and after the war, as well as telling her I love her and snowed in.

1 July 2016: starlight appears in Failed Haiku.

1 July 2016: My first one-line haiku, interconnected appears in otata, along with forest cottage.

25 June 2016: city buzz and flash storm appear in hedgerow #83.

22 June 2016: rock pools, tropical summer, under the stars, moss terrarium, moss garden, and paddling ducks appear in The Weekly Avocet #184.

20 June 2016: snow flurries appears in Akisame 42:1.

19 June 2016: wild flowers placed 11th in the European Quarterly Kukai #14:

wild roses
letting go of things
I cannot change

17 June 2016: In today’s issue of Asahi Haikuist, my haiku about infectious diseases, SARS quarantine and After reading.

15 June 2016: My scifaiku grandmother’s old house appears in Grievous Angel.

11 June 2016: winter morning and learning appear in Shamrock #34.

8 June 2016: In the May online issue of Scifaikuest, I have 2 senryu Swamp Thing, Umbrellas for Venus, and a horrorku Zoanthid Corals!

4 June 2016: autumn breeze and weathered crow appear in hedgerow #80.

1 June 2016: Scifaiku Enceladean Jellyfish, Blood Moon, First Day of Spring, tanka Bus-sized Geckos, and haiga In the Shallow Waters appear in the latest issue of Scifaikuest.

1 June 2016: daymare, starry night, and trying to understand appear in Failed Haiku Issue 6.



26 July 2016: Haiku, “hollow reed”, “why we hurt”. “wild flowers”, harvest season”, “rolling hills”, “dark clouds”, and “when everything”, and short poems, “Scream in the Garden”, “Love”, and “Ten Years” were accepted for the upcoming issue of The Bamboo Hut.

26 July 2016: “Catsitting on Halloween” was sold to Star*Line.

25 July 2016: “snowed in” was sold to American Tanka.

23 July 2016: “summer comfort” was accepted for Haiku Commentary.

23 July 2016: “Three Suns” was sold to Star*Line.

20 July 2016: My kitchen haiku, “my hopes deflated” was accepted for the upcoming issue of brass bell.

17 July 2016: “D-Day”, “Martian”, and “The Leviathans of Europa” were sold to Polu Texni.

16 July 2016: “winter dawn” was sold to Acorn. It will appear in the Fall issue.

14 July 2016: “After the Snowstorm” was sold to Electric Haiga.

12 July 2016: “after petting the cat” was sold to The Cicada’s Cry for their 2016 Special Edition: Cats.

7 July 2016: “desert rain”, “summer rain”, and “white lilies” were accepted for hedgerow #86.

6 July 2016: “Juno by Starlight”, “Black Holes”, “One Way Ticket”, and “Gnawed Arm” were sold to Scifaikuest! They will appear in the May 2017 print and online issues.

5 July 2016: “A World”, “Regrowing”, and “Old Photo” were sold to Star*Line.

1 July 2016: “Forgotten summer” and “Barefoot” will appear in an upcoming issue of The Asahi Haikuist.

29 June 2016: “winter moon” was sold to cattails.

28 June 2016: “night forest” was accepted for the September issue of cattails.

28 June 2016: “distant thunder”, “winter memorial”, and “melting snowman” were accepted for the winter 2016 issue of paper wasp.

28 June 2016: “waving cattails” was sold to The Heron’s Nest.

26 June 2016: “winter chill” was accepted for the September issue of cattails.

23 June 2016: “tequila sunset” was sold to Gnarled Oak #9.

23 June 2016: “starlight” was accepted for Failed Haiku’s July 2016 issue.

23 June 2016: “When the Earth was Young” and “The Door” were sold to Spectral Realms #6.

22 June 2016: “sand dunes” and “wind chimes” were accepted for hedgerow #85.

21 June 2016: My war poems “at the cemetery”, “night bombings”, “war stories”, and “after the war” were accepted for the July issue of Prune Juice.

21 June 2016: “The Heart of the Sun” and “Beneath the Crimson Sky” were sold to The Martian Wave.

19 June 2016: “Alien Flyby”, “Root Cellar, and “Sheets Flapping” was sold to Grievous Angel!

16 June 2016: “Ruby Sky” was sold to Scifaikuest for their February 2017 print issue.

11 June 2016: “mother’s diamond ring” was accepted for Mayfly #61.

10 June 2016: “forest cottage” and “interconnected” were accepted for otata.

4 June 2016: “city buzz” and “flash storm” were accepted for hedgerow #83.

4 June 2016: “winter morn” and “pale lilacs” were accepted for the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of Wild Plum.

2 June 2016: “Moonlight in the Playground” was sold to Spectral Realms! It will appear in #6 in January 2017.

1 June 2016: “walking home” and “Buddha belly” were sold to Bottle Rockets for #35, slated for August 2016.


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