Christina Sng is a poet, writer, and artist. Her work in Japanese short form poetry, science fiction, and horror has received numerous accolades, most notably, Second Prize in The 2016 San Francisco International Competition for Tanka, Third Prize in the 2016 Annual Harold G. Henderson Award for Haiku, nominations in the Dwarf Stars and Rhysling Awards as well as Honourable Mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. She is the author of several chapbooks, including Dark Dreams (Naked Snake Press, Smashwords, Allegra Press), A Constellation of Songs (Origami Poems Project, Allegra Press), and Catku (Allegra Press). Her first two full-length books, Astropoetry (Alban Lake Publishing) and A Collection of Nightmares (Raw Dog Screaming Press) are slated for 2017.

More About Christina, her Bibliography, Poetry Chapbooks, Poetry, Haiku, and Space Haiga online. She also Tweets @christinasng, sporadically.


31 December 2016: Twenty Years and The Perfect Planet earned Honourable Mentions in the 109th and 111th Weekly Contests at Poetry Nook.

16 December 2016: The 2016 San Francisco International Competition for Haiku, Senryu and Tanka results are in. Absolutely blown away to find out that my tanka, “late sunset” won Second Prize, and my senryu, “gastroenteritis” earned an Honourable Mention! Many grateful thanks to Carolyne Rohrig and to the judges for this incredible honour.


late sunset
by the ferris wheel
I twirl
the phantom ring
around my finger


we reassure Mom
it wasn’t her cooking

16 December 2016: My haiku, “ebb tide” has earned an Honourable Mention in the Irish Haiku Society’s 8th International Haiku Competition 2016.

ebb tide
turtle hatchlings
chase the sea



11 January 2017: after hours appears in the Balancing Work with Life issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

after hours
we take work
to the bar

5 January 2017: post-holiday week appears in The Post-Holiday Season issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

post-holiday week
the coffee machine
all to myself

4 January 2017: Death’s Other Superpowers appears in Weird Fiction Review #7, on sale now!

1 January 2017: last chocolate and first sight appear in brass bell: happiness.

1 January 2017: reverie, counting sheep, and first date appear in Failed Haiku 13.

31 December 2016: morning train appears in the European Quarterly Kukai #16 – Winter 2016 Edition (topic: journey).

morning train
everyone lost
in dreams

#085 Christina Sng, Singapore
(1-1-4) = 9 pts

31 December 2016: morning sun, the owls quiet, fourth coffee, her voice, and old pond appear in otata #13.

28 December 2016: year-end bonus appears in the Promotions and Bonuses issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

22 December 2016: year-end party appears in the Office Flirt issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

21 December 2016: In the September 2016 issue of cattails, night forest appears in the haiku section, under senryu, winter chill, summer time, and fading light, and for the Jane Reichold Memorial, trailblazer.

17 December 2016: Full Moon in Yellowstone appears in New Myths #37.

16 December 2016: 11th birthday appears in the latest Asahi Haikuist.

16 December 2016: Spring Dawn, Watching the Last, and Crescent Moon appear in the British Science Fiction Association’s Focus Magazine #66.

14 December 2016: My haiku appears in Haiku in the Workplace: The Boss.

the boss
but she doesn’t know it yet
baby daughter

8 December 2016: My three haiku appear in the esteemed Jim Kacian’s Haiku in the Workplace: Work (in General).

the job
what i am
not who i am

in the machine

slow meeting
sneaking in
a haiku

5 December 2016: My haiku, shaded window, appears in Creatrix #35.

1 December 2016: endless, just when, ragdoll, and the things appear in otata 12.



15 January 2017: “interrogation room” was sold to Mayfly.

13 January 2017: “long-awaited retirement” was accepted for the Retirement issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

11 January 2017: “blue moon” and “deep woods” were accepted for hedgerow #102.

9 January 2017: “up late” was accepted for American Tanka‘s upcoming issue.

6 January 2017: “after hours” has been accepted for the Balancing Work with Life issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

2 January 2017: “I point out” and “gathering dusk” were accepted for Presence 57.

31 December 2016: “Bloody Spindle” was sold to Star*Line.

28 December 2016: “morning sun”, “the owls quiet”, “fourth coffee”, “her voice”, and “old pond” were accepted for otata.

23 December 2016: “year-end bonus” was accepted for the Promotions and Bonuses issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

22 December 2016: “Judas steer” was accepted for the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Wild Plum.

18 December 2016: “The War of Dragons” was sold to Spectral Realms.

17 December 2016: “last chocolate” and “first sight” were accepted for the happiness issue of brass bell, upcoming January 2017.

17 December 2016: “year-end party” was accepted for the Office Flirt issue of Workplace Haiku.

16 December 2016: “First Date” was sold to Dreams and Nightmares 106.

16 December 2016: “dementia”, “dried leaf twirling”, and “dead end” were accepted for the Spring 2017 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

15 December 2016: “the old tavern” will appear in the 20 January 2017 issue of The Asahi Haikuist.

12 December 2016: “clear skies” was accepted for the Earth: Our Common Ground anthology, scheduled for release early 2017.

8 December 2016: “first frost” was sold to The Cicada’s Cry.

4 December 2016: “Just as Papa Said” will be reprinted in Undead: A Poetry Anthology of Ghouls, Ghosts, and More!

4 December 2016: “Full Moon in Yellowstone” was sold to New Myths.

1 December 2016: “sky full of stars”, “final cut”, and “dust carpet” were sold to Scifaikuest.


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