Hi! Welcome to my space on the web. I’m Christina, poet and writer, imbiber of strong teas, lover of black Pilot pens, old books, and grey tabby cats. Here is more About Me, my Bibliography, my Poetry Chapbooks, and some of my Poetry online. I also Tweet @christinasng, sporadically.

My poetry chapbook Dark Dreams is on sale now for $0.99 at Smashwords. The amazing cover is by Brian Hurtt, artist and co-creator of The Damned and The Sixth Gun.

Dark Dreams

Latest Releases

“Portal” appears in the January 2015 issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk.

“Allegra” appears in the 2014 Rhysling Anthology.

Dreams of Bone” appears in the Mythic Delirium Anthology.

Most Recent Sales

20 January 2015: First poetry sales of the year! :D

“Miranda” was sold to Dreams and Nightmares and will appear in #101 in May 2015.

“Medusa in LA” was sold to the anthology The Museum of All Things Awesome and That Go Boom.

December 2014: “Endgame”, “Space Leviathans”, and “Chasing Stars” were sold to Outposts of Beyond and will appear in the April 2015 issue.

“The Art of Weaving” was sold to Disturbed Digest for the March 2015 issue.

“Absinthe” was sold to Bloodbond and will appear in the May 2015 issue.

October 2014: “The Woman in the Coffee Shop” and “The New World” were sold to Lontar: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction. They will appear in #5.

August 2014: “The Empty Road” was sold to Tales of the Talisman. It will appear in the upcoming Winter 2014/15 issue.