Christina Sng is a poet, writer, and artist. Her work has received numerous accolades, including nominations in the Dwarf Stars and Rhysling Awards as well as Honourable Mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. She is the author of several chapbooks, most recently, Dark Dreams (Smashwords, 2011) and A Constellation of Songs (Origami Poems Project, 2016). Her first two full-length books, Astropoetry (Alban Lake Publishing, 2016) and A Collection of Nightmares (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2016) are slated for winter this year.

More About Christina, her Bibliography, Poetry Chapbooks, Poetry, Haiku, and Space Haiga online. She also Tweets @christinasng, sporadically.


24 September 2016: stardust to stardust appears in hedgerow #89.

23 September 2016: old tea cups, morning glory, my kitten, and rain patter appear in the Fall 2016 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

23 September 2016: Autumn Equinox appears in Astronomers Without Borders.

16 September 2016: forgotten summer and the solstice appear in the Asahi Haikuist.

6 September 2016: Martian appears in Polu Texni.

3 September 2016: Ava appears in New Myths.

3 September 2016: waving cattails appears in The Heron’s Nest Volume XVIII, Number 3.

2 September 2016: My cat haiku, wintry moon appears in Makoto Issue 3.

1 September 2016: In the brass bell kitchen haiku collection, a baking ku, my hopes deflated. 😀

1 September 2016: morning sun and the cricket song appear in Failed Haiku #9.

1 September 2016: Life on Jupiter and Dead Butterfly appear in the August 2016 online issue of Scifaikuest.

31 August 2016: winter morn and pale lilacs appear in Wild Plum 2:2.

26 August 2016: My space poems, The Heart of the Sun and Beneath the Crimson Sky appear in the 2016 edition of The Martian Wave!

22 August 2016: dandelions appears in Akisame 51:2.

19 August 2016: tequila sunset appears in Gnarled Oak.

15 August 2016: D-Day appears in Polu Texni.

15 August 2016: old river appears in Akisame 50:1.

10 August 2016: My haiku, walking home and Buddha belly appear in bottle rockets #35.

9 August 2016: In bear creek haiku #136, first day of summer and curled up with books.

9 August 2016: still crushed appears in Ribbons Volume 12, Number 2.

8 August 2016: In Issue 27 of American Tanka, my cat poem, snowed in.



24 September 2016: “this delicate dance” was accepted for the October issue of brass bell.

24 September 2016: “Ghost Month”, which first appeared in Space and Time #100 in 2007, will be reprinted in Eye to the Telescope this October.

23 September 2016: “by the creek”, “chain lightning”, and “disassociation” were accepted for the October issue of Failed Haiku.

23 September 2016: “stardust to stardust” was accepted for hedgerow #89.

22 September 2016: “Wrong Turn” and “Her Stunning Silhouette” were sold to Scifaikuest.

22 September 2016: “Autumn Equinox” was accepted for Astronomers Without Borders.

20 September 2016: “Pandemonium” was sold to Star*Line.

9 September 2016: “Three Suns” and “Twin Headlights” were sold to Grievous Angel.

7 September 2016: “Invading Jupiter” and “Annalise” were sold to the July 2017 issue of Outposts of Beyond.

6 September 2016: My tanka, “moonlight”, was accepted for the Fall issue of Ribbons.

30 August 2016: “Blue Grass”, “Mega Tsunami”, and “Keeping You” were sold to Scifaikuest.

23 August 2016: “Marriage” was sold to Star*Line.

19 August 2016: “The Toys” was sold to Frostfire Worlds.

14 August 2016: “fading light” and “summer time” were accepted for cattails.

12 August 2016: “blue sun” was sold to Star*Line.

11 August 2016: “dandelion summer” was sold to Summer 2016 edition of The Cicada’s Cry.

10 August 2016: “moon sea jellies”, “ocean bed”, “giant isopod”, “bubbler jellies”, “Medusa in sea grass”, “tiptoeing past”, “seeing”, and “manta rays cast” were sold to Equatorial Calm, a multilingual haiku anthology, to be published by Resort Worlds Sentosa in cooperation with Select Books.

10 August 2016: “the sand dunes” were sold to the May 2017 print issue of Scifaikuest.

10 August 2016: “morning song” and “the cricket song” were accepted for the September issue of Failed Haiku.


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