Christina Sng is a Rhysling-nominated poet, writer, and artist. Her work has received several Honourable Mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. She is the author of three chapbooks and her first full-length book of poetry, A Collection of Nightmares from Raw Dog Screaming Press arrives late 2016.

More About Christina, her Bibliography, Poetry Chapbooks, Poetry, Haiku, and Space Haiga online. She also Tweets @christinasng, sporadically.

Latest Releases

1 May 2016: hazy moon, night crickets, more painful, and winter dreams appear in Failed Haiku Issue 5.

30 April 2016: rock pools, gray sea, and silvery moon appear in hedgerow #75.

29 April 2016: Record heat appears in the 29th April edition of the Asahi Haikuist Network.

29 April 2016: On Leviathan’s Wing and Descent of the Jellyfish appear in Illumen 24, and A Discovery in Space, Invaders on Venus, From Mercury to the Sun, Zeus, Eye in the Sky, and Dragon Plumes appear in Outposts of Beyond.

28 April 2016: Invisible Girl, 10 Days in the Gardens, and When It Happened appears in Lontar #6.

27 April 2016: even at appears in The Cicada’s Cry.

21 April 2016: My science fiction poem Singularity in a Jar appears in Space and Time #125!

19 April 2016: This year’s EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration theme “Foodcrop Haiku” acknowledges the United Nations’ designation of 2016 as Year of Pulses. I wrote war memories for the collaboration, dedicated to my mother. It appears on page 20.

15 April 2016: Early haze appears in the 15 April edition of Asahi Haikuist Network.

15 April 2016: My poem Life on Venus is live now at Eye to the Telescope!

13 April 2016: Snow appears in Polu Texni.

13 April 2016: When She Cried appears in The Best of Kindness: Origami Poems Project 2016 Kindness Anthology.

12 April 2016: Philae’s Landed appears in Jupiter #50.

1 April 2016: slash of cold appears in The Book of The Fifth Haiku Contest Sharpening The Green Pencil.

1 April 2016: My children’s poem In a Parallel Universe appears in the April issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk.


Most Recent Sales

1 May 2016: “hanami” and “red ixoras” were accepted for issue #77 of hedgerow.

21 April 2016: My first tanka sale! “still crushed” was sold to Ribbons, scheduled for the Spring/Summer 2016 issue.

19 April 2016: “ice panes shatter” was accepted for the upcoming issue of Frameless Sky.

15 April 2016: My children’s haiku “Goose Egg” and “School Recital” were sold to Cricket!!!

14 April 2016: “telling her I love her” and “snowed in” were accepted for the July issue of Prune Juice.

11 April 2016: “winter morning” and “learning” were accepted for Shamrock 34, scheduled for June 2016.

10 April 2016: “hazy moon”, “night crickets”, “more painful”, and “winter dreams” were accepted for the May issue of Failed Haiku.

9 April 2016: “even at” was sold to the Spring issue of The Cicada’s Cry.

8 April 2016: “rock pools”, “gray sea”, and “silvery moon” were accepted for issue 75 of hedgerow.

4 April 2016″ “Grandmother’s Old House” was sold to Grievous Angel.

1 April 2016: “Early haze” was sold to Asahi Haikuist Network.

1 April 2016: “Red Apples” was sold to Star*Line.


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