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2020 Features

23 December 2020: Elated to read this wonderful review by Angela Yuriko Smith of my novelette FURY in BLACK CRANES, edited by Lee Murray and Gene Flynn!

"...this is an exciting run-for-your-life adventure through danger from every angle that hits uncomfortably close to home. Action packed prose keeps the reader turning pages as they rush to the end...whipping through high stakes scenarios with an interesting cast of characters. Sng creates a world apart from ours with disturbing the end we have to ask ourselves how much we are willing to pay for utopia?"

17 December 2020: Completely blown away by Eva Roslin's incredible 5-star review of A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES! Her words are so breathtakingly beautiful that I can't single out a single quote I love. I love them all. Thank you so very much, Eva!!

"Sng's poems, which I have been dazzled by and amazed for years, have a dream-like quality here, which is not surprising given the title of the work of this collection. She conjures images of myths, of heartbreak, evoking the same tragedy of Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabel Lee."

Her poems are carved from the most beautiful gems, each one a special gift bearing different surprises for the reader. The emotions that her poems evoke hit the reader deeply, and resonate with strong chords of sorrow. Like her contemporaries, Sng's poetry reaches up like dark tendrils of a mandrake and pleads, with sad insistence, that the reader allow themselves to be overtaken by the emotions they present.

Those who enjoy mythological figures of strong women will enjoy this collection, every bit as fierce as 'Beowulf' but suffused with tender care to intensify the electric images.

Women and the energy of what it is to be female and have power, to have beauty, to be feared and reviled for it but in some rare cases, adored and appreciated for it, posed here not as a threat but rather something to celebrate, make this a must-read not just for Women in Horror month, but also year-round.

Anyone with an appreciation for fine, dark poetry on sorrowful themes needs this book in their life. Herein there are images of battlefields, both metaphorical and literal, of demons, of the power and indomitable spirit of women who do not allow themselves to be conquered.

I also found the linearity of the collection had a fascinating resonance for me, wherein the poems were connected by storylines. I haven't seen that in poetry, and I enjoyed it here.

Sng elevates her poetry to new levels here--she is a modern day bard.

The Romantic Poets, in particular Percy Shelley and Lord Byron, also infuse the pages of Sng's collection with their energy, and not simply because of the similarities in themes. There is a powerful interplay of homage mixed with extension and going even further than the originals had hoped.

It's not adequate enough and too simplistic to say that Sng writes beautifully or that her poems feature a lushness to them. The focus here on aspects of fairy tales that get ignored, like in Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Snow White, and others, here put a spotlight on those experiences, and re-center the women in a way that feels ingrained and transformative.

One of the central themes of the collection is women refusing to don the mantles assigned to them from fairy tales, and all of the messages that Conservativism and other modern-day controlling forces impose, particularly on women. It takes these things and tears out their guts. It challenges simplistic falseties like 'happily ever after' and makes these fairy tale princesses, usually stuck in Disneyfied boxes, to become who they really are.

There is trauma, as the collection moves forward, of what happens to female bodies, of the silent things we suffer, of the fear that it will happen again, that no one will believe us, and that hovering toxicness that threatens every interaction, every tiny inkling of what may be, of what we may be accused of later lest we are not careful.

To try to condense this magnificent collection in a pithy, quotable "one line" summary would not do it justice. There's an elegance here, even as the darkest depths of actions and emotions are being explored, and an aesthetic that blends together so many amazing forces. It is a collection that needs to be read and celebrated as widely as possible, studied in schools for how profound its impact is. "A Collection of Dreamscapes" feels like a grimoire that every wronged woman must possess, that contains the tools of how to take what has disempowered us for so long and fight to change that."

26 November 2020: I'm over the moon!! Today I received my very first Pushcart Prize nomination!! It is for my poem "Diamond Dust" that appeared in Abyss & Apex Issue 74, April 2020.

In "Diamond Dust", a scooper ship prospecting in the Messier 78 nebula discovers a planet made of pure diamond.

Thank you so much, John C. Mannone!!

22 November 2020: I am elated to see my book of poems A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES listed as recommended reading in the Claremont Graduate University Kingsley & Kate Tufts Poetry Blog article Escapism through Genre, alongside Sara Tantlinger's LOVE FOR SLAUGHTER, Claire C. Holland's I AM NOT YOUR FINAL GIRL, Margaret Atwood's MORNING IN THE BURNED HOUSE, Michael Ondaatje's THE COLLECTED WORKS OF BILLY THE KID, and many more.


"This collection is full of insomnia nightmares, unidentifiable monsters, and fantasies of shadows. Make sure to read with the lights on."

This made my day!

12 November 2020: At this year's Singapore Writers Festival, I was thrilled to moderate a virtual panel with Amanda Chong, Wayne Ree, and Perundevi Srinivasan on how this is such A Strange Time to be Alive.

1 November 2020: A wonderful way to start November! My essay 5 Tips on Self-Healing During Tumultuous Times is on the front page of The Ascent and Make Writing Your Therapy has been published in Write Like a Girl! :D

31 October 2020: It's a dream come true to be a part of this stellar lineup in the incredible anthology MIDNIGHT UNDER THE BIG TOP with my 4 poems "Magic Show", "The Clown", "Lucifer at the Carnival", and "Cages"!


Venture inside Brian James Freeman's MIDNIGHT UNDER THE BIG TOP where your wide eyes and pounding heart will discover:

~ the world's grandest tales of murder, madness, and magic set in and around the circus by renowned storytellers such as Stephen King, Joe Hill, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Neil Gaiman, Kelley Armstrong, Robert McCammon, Tananarive Due, Lisa Morton, Heather Graham, Richard Chizmar, Billy Chizmar, Amanda C. Davis, Nayad Monroe, Jeff Strand, Amanda Downum, Robert Brouhard, and Dominick Cancilla!

~ the world's First-Ever Poetry Intermission featuring Norman Prentiss, G.O. Clark, Marge Simon, Bruce Boston, Robert Payne Cabeen, David E. Cowen, Alessandro Manzetti, Christina Sng, Stephanie M. Wytovich, K.A. Opperman, Ashley Dioses, and Terri Adamczyk!

~ and for the grand finale, Josh Malerman, author of the New York Times bestseller Bird Box, will introduce you to Dandelion Andrews, a very unusual man who hasn't seen daylight in three months because he's digging a hole destined to become a most unusual carnival house of horrors!

These death-defying tales aren't for the faint of heart, but they are perfect for the long lost child deep inside of you who instinctively understands you should never trust a circus clown.

28 October 2020: Thrilled to be featured alongside these fantastic authors in Bookstr's 5x5!

20 October 2020: This fantastic review of A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES completely made my day!! Thank you so much, Ben!!

"Her poems are beautiful and brutal, and you need to go read them right now."--Ben Long

9 October 2020: My senryu "never" has been Highly Commended in the Fifth Annual H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contest.

trusting again
old shelter cat

3 October 2020: I'll be at C'monfluence 2020 this weekend!! Here's my schedule (Eastern Time):

10/03/2020 1:00 - 1:50 PM - SF/F Around the World
10/03/2020 2:30 - 2:55 PM - Reading
10/04 2:00 to 2:50 PM - Vogon Poetry

27 September 2020: Over the moon to see this incredible 5-star review of BLACK CRANES along with these lovely words from reviewer Eva Roslin: "I do want to give a special mention--having been a huge fan of Christina Sng's poetry for such a long time, it was a treat to see more of her long-form fiction, and her piece, "Fury," is impeccable."

26 September 2020: I am so happy and excited to announce that my book THE GRAVITY OF EXISTENCE has been acquired by Interstellar Flight Press! THE GRAVITY OF EXISTENCE is a collection of my best horrorku, scifaiku, fairy tale ku, and other terrifying tiny poems. Thank you so much, Holly and Saba!! I can't wait.

26 September 2020: Happy Book Birthday to BLACK CRANES, edited by Lee Murray and Gene Flynn! I am so thrilled to see my first novelette FURY in this incredible anthology, alongside these amazing women writers whose work I admire so much.

26 September 2020: My haiku "realizing" received a Haiku of Merit award in the Vanguard category of World Haiku Review Autumn 2020.

I want to live

25 September 2020: Fantastic review of BLACK CRANES in this review by Horror Bound: Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women - Feminine Spirits Cannot Be Tamed!

"Fury by Christina Sng: A girl raised in the military attempts to withstand a pandemic of angry, hungry, and fast zombies while searching for a cure on behalf of her father. This story is both bleak and hopeful at the same time and I enjoyed it. It read like a good futuristic (although maybe the future is now with our own current pandemic) zombie film."

4 September 2020: This wonderful review of BLACK CRANES made my day, especially with a lovely mention of my novelette FURY:

"At the other end, style wise, Fury wraps up a what starts as a fairly familiar zombie story with a great female protagonist into a great thought provoking ending. As she overcomes the odds, is the goal she is aiming for what she is expecting?"

24 August 2020: Elated to see my first published article in decades, the first, I hope, of many to come!

"Today at Interstellar Flight Magazine, Christina Sng reviews STARGIRL, a new superhero series on the CW featuring a female lead role model and a hopeful message for the next generation in The Best Superhero TV Series to Watch with Your Daughter".

16 August 2020: Elated to see this fantastic review of A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES in Rue Morgue by Shawn Macomber!!

"Is it possible to come away from the immersive, reality-refracting experience of Sng's A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES possessing the same soul with which you entered? For your humble correspondent, the answer was an emphatic No!" Sng's follow-up to her also excellent 2017 volume A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES is an assemblage of poetry that drags you beyond the veil of everyday human existence, and then--employing deft literary allusions and a singular voice, fiery and vulnerable by turns--draws your consciousness into a transformative journey through the secret synergistic and esoteric web of the universe, as well as our strange (but real!) place in it.

"I want to consume/The wealth of centuries/Knowledge of the past and futures/Live in a time when possibilities/Become actualized," Sng writes in the poem "Beyond a Hundred Years" toward the end of DREAMSCAPES. "Not now/When hope is all we have/So put me on ice/And place my body in a spaceship/Send me into the void/Where one day greater intelligence may revive me/And ask, What was it like to wonder? And what was it like to die?" Sng offers us a taste of the answers to those questions--and it's well worth our investment."

14 August 2020: Overjoyed to see Brad Proctor's wonderful YouTube review of A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES!

"Lyrically spellbinding. A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES by Christina Sng from Raw Dog Screaming Press gives us a glimpse of conjured worlds both beautiful and desolate. Populated by the innocent and those whose innocence has crumbled away to reveal the writhing darkness within." 16 July 2020: Lee Murray did the Graveyard Shift at Kendall Reviews and gave a wonderful shoutout to my books as well as this memory that still makes me cry:

"Next up, I'm going to dip into some dark poetry with A Collection of Nightmares by Singapore poet Christina Sng. Unlike Sng, I was seated at the Raw Dog Screaming Press table when this stunningly evocative collection won the Bram Stoker Award for poetry, and heard the thunderous applause. Deservedly."

Thank you so much, Lee! Your beautiful memory made a difficult month much easier to bear. And thank you for your incredible blurb for A Collection of Dreamscapes. I am over the moon every time I read your kind words.

"I hadn't thought it possible for Sng to improve on A Collection of Nightmares. I was wrong. In Dreamscapes, Sng shatters traditional storytelling and showcases her versatility as a master poet. Tackling odysseys, fairy tales, myths, monsters, and unspeakable violence, she wields words like 'a scythe making graceful strokes', paring her verse to sinew and bone. Not a word is out of place in this ground-breaking collection."

4 July 2020: Lovely to see my poem receive an Honourable Mention in the Fifth Annual H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contest!

trusting again
old shelter cat

A huge thank you to judges Michael Rehling and Brent Goodman for this honour.

4 July 2020: Elated to see this wonderful review of A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES by Scott T. Barnes in New Myths!

"Christina Sng is one of the most prolific and gifted speculative poets working today. A Collection of Nightmares won the prestigious Bram Stroker award. Her new work, A Collection of Dreamscapes is equally worthy of your attention."

2 July 2020: Over the moon to see this fantastic review of A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES by Kimberly Wolkens for The Ginger Nuts of Horror. Thank you so much, Kimberly, Erin Al-Mehairi, Jennifer Barnes, John Edward Lawson, and Jim McLeod, for making this happen.

"While there are definitely themes of war, destruction, death and dystopia, throughout the whole collection is an undercurrent of hope."

1 July 2020: Thrilled to be a part of the Ten Year Anniversary Anthology of Prune Juice - Journal of Senryu.

My most grateful thanks to editors Brent Goodman, Steve Hodge, Terri. L. French, Liam Wilkinson, and Alexis Rotella!

telling her I love her
every hour

#19 2016

in two parts
before and after

#23 2017

peeling away
my many layers
navel orange

#26 2018

29 June 2020: Yesterday, I completed my first Poetry Half Marathon!! In 12 hours, I wrote 12 poems alongside participants from around the world. My most grateful thanks to Caitlin Elizabeth Jans and Jacob Jans for organising this wonderful event. It was an incredible experience.

26 June 2020: I wanted to share this slice of happy news! Today I did my first Insta Takeover on Instagram!

My most grateful thanks to Sing Lit Station for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful project.

I was honoured to read Charmaine Leung's breathtaking memoir 17A Keong Saik Road. Her elegant prose captivated me from the very first page.

It inspired my poem Mothers and Daughters, so beautifully recreated in images by the talented designers from Sing Lit Station.

A huge shoutout to Shalani Devi who walked me through making Instagram stories! While I panicked, she was a sea of calm and now I've learned a new skill!

16 June 2020: Much gratitude to judge Nadine Léon for selecting my haiku "missing my father" as one of Haiku University's Weekly Best 19-25 May 2020 pour le sentiment:

missing my father
the sun absent in lockdown

mon père me manque
le soleil absent durant le confinement

Mi manca mio padre
il sole assente durante il confinamento

7 June 2020: I'm over the moon! 4 of my poems have been nominated for the 2020 Dwarf Stars Award! :D

gentlest quiver
of her bedroom curtains
mother's ghost

within sight
before our engines died
Proxima Centauri

seeing stars
with my final breaths
hull breach

still can't decide
whether to go in or out
our cat hovers
by the entrance
of our escape pod

5 June 2020: It was absolutely lovely to be interviewed by the wonderful Stephanie M. Wytovich whose work so greatly inspires. Catch Into the Dreamscape: An Interview with Christina Sng at her Madhouse today!


"Hot off the Raw Dog Screaming Press, this collection is going to turn what we learned as children upside down by empowering those who've been victims in fairy tales and mythology. By fixing our near gospel stories into positive tales, Sng is opening a new chapter in a brand-new world." --Damaged Skull Writer

25 May 2020: Thank you, Sadie Colleen Hartmann, for being a tireless champion of women in horror, and for your incredible scholarship and writing. Thank you for this wonderful list of Women in Horror! I am truly honoured to be a part of it alongside my many friends and colleagues whose work I admire so much.

24 May 2020: Overjoyed to see my poem "Together" featured in The Fox Poetry Box!

15 May 2020: My poem "Allegra" is featured in the wonderful Erin Al-Mehairi's #HookedonPoetry Project in partnership with Kendall Reviews.

8 May 2020: It was wonderful reading my poems from A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES in Part II of The Outer Dark Quarantine Reading series, hosted by the fabulous Anya Martin, alongside my wonderful friend Mike Allen who read excerpts from his new books AFTERMATH OF AN INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT and A SINISTER QUARTET! The episode also features Gordon B. White's review of Mike Griffin's novella ARMAGEDDON HOUSE.

5 May 2020: Elated to see this fantastic review Closing out National Poetry Month with Horror Poetry by Readers' Advisor Becky Spratford and my interview with poetry legend Linda Addison!

"A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES by Christina Sng is a poetry collection every public library should own." --Becky Spratford, Readers' Advisor, MLIS

5 May 2020: Overjoyed to see this 5 star National Poetry Month review of A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES!

"The poetry is lovely -- written in a variety of styles, and covering a variety of horror-related topics -- these two things combined keeps every page feeling fresh and fascinating. This is a great read by a massively talented poet." --Angie at Mediadrome

2 May 2020: My haiku "lockdown week one" has been selected as one of Haiku University's Weekly Best from 13-20 April 2020!

lockdown week one
the cat sleeps in

16 April 2020: Happy Book Birthday to A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES!!

Truly one of the highlights of my life and definitely one of my happiest: meeting Linda D Addison and spending a marvellous hour talking with her about poetry, mythology, writing, and A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES! A huge thank you to my wonderful publisher Raw Dog Screaming Press for this fantastic launch and interview, and for uploading the videos of my reading and the interview onto YouTube:

Linda Addison Interviews Christina Sng
Poetry Reading by Christina Sng

Ordering information:

A Collection of Dreamscapes by Christina Sng

I'm overjoyed to read the many reviews that have come in and have added a selection to the Books page.

Here are a few:

"A Collection of Dreamscapes is exactly what I have come to expect from Christina: full of heart, personal, and powerful while opening up her view of the world to include a variety of different lenses and angles of approach."--Anton Cancre, Author and Reviewer

"Three words that describe this book: immersive, creepy, accessible. If you like the short stories of Carmen Maria Machado, you also need to try Sng." --Becky Spratford, Readers' Advisor

"This book reads like a dream, dark and fantastic. Danger in a sort of soft packaging. Multiple subtle brushes of the knife, no less deadly than the full on stab."--Well Read Beard, Reviewer

"The words on these pages are beautiful beyond measure, but they will also haunt you long after your close the cover."--Amanda Turner, Reviewer

"Christina Sng has done it again with beautifully haunting poetry that will immerse you in a waking dream."--Jackie Cowgill, Reviewer

"...truly an enchanting collection that you do not want to miss this year."--Sara Tantlinger, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Devil's Dreamland: Poetry Inspired by H.H. Holmes

"I loved this and it's going straight to my Keeper Shelf."--Yolanda Sfetsos, Reviewer

"Beautifully written poems reaching into the depths of darkness and pulling out the fleshy beating heart of our souls."--Intellectual Magpie, Reviewer

13 April 2020: Elated to see Anton Cancre's wonderful review of my upcoming book of poems A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES. Thank you so much, Anton!

"One of the things Christina has become known for is her ability to craft entrancing stories full of depth and meaning within her poems. She has this knack for giving the reader just enough on the page to build the images and plot in their head, while leaving enough unsaid that it is not dictated for the reader."

"A Collection of Dreamscapes is exactly what I have come to expect from Christina: full of heart, personal, and powerful while opening up her view of the world to include a variety of different lenses and angles of approach."

Read the full review here.

8 March 2020: The first review of A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES is in!!

"This is a fantastic book of poetry that doesn't shy away from true monsters or the many found in myths. The imagery touches the wonderment of fairy tales, the intrigue of myth and our interest in future worlds." --Yolanda Sfetsos

4 March 2020: My poems "Reparation", "Styx", and "In the End, Only the Gods" have been nominated for the 2020 Rhysling Awards in the Short Poem and Long Poem categories! My most grateful thanks to everyone who nominated my work and to the wonderful editors who gave them a home.

1 March 2020: A lovely conversation with Tammy Walker on Luna Station Quarterly about my book ASTROPOETRY in Conversations with Speculative Poets: Christina Sng.

20 February 2020: My most grateful thanks to the incredible Sadie Colleen Hartmann for her wonderful review of A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES and this breathtakingly beautiful photograph. Her lovely words made my day! Read the full review here.

20 February 2020: Happy to be mentioned in my publisher Jennifer Barnes' article: Burning Bright: How Women Poets Conquered Horror Poetry.

30 January 2020: Thrilled to be featured in LADIES WRITING HORROR FICTION YOU NEED TO READ ASAP.

13 January 2020: Elated to see my scifaiku featured on The Haiku Foundation's Per Diem: Daily Haiku for January 2020 today, curated by Julie Bloss Kelsey.

12 January 2020: Over the moon to see A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES amongst reviewer Cassie Lola Daley's 6 favourite poetry collections, alongside Claire C. Holland's I AM NOT YOUR FINAL GIRL, Sara Tantlinger's LOVE FOR SLAUGHTER, Stephanie M. Wytovich's THE APOCALYPTIC MANNEQUIN, Donna Lynch's CHOKING BACK THE DEVIL, and Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi's BREATHE.BREATHE. Read 6 COLLECTIONS OF HORROR POETRY THAT I LOVE. Thank you so much, Cassie! :D

8 January 2020: My haiku "the half-life" was selected for inclusion in leaning into reeds: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2019.

the half-life
of painkillers
autumn branches

6 January 2020: Honoured to see my haiku receive a mention in the Haiku University's Weekly Best as selected and translated by judge Nadine Leon. Thank you so much, Nadine! Merci beaucoup!

promises broken again
the drifting snowflakes dissipate


2020 Releases

28 December 2020: Thrilled to see my story "It's a Full Moon Kind of Night" in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project.

22 December 2020: So lovely to have 3 haiku in the Winter 2020 issue of Akitsu Quarterly! Thank you, Robin, for giving my poems a home.

to blend in
snow hare

I drink my tea
and tell my story
trauma center

grandma checks
every door again
long night

15 December 2020: My digital painting "Tree of Life" is the cover art for New Myths #53 alongside my poem "Dark Forest".

15 December 2020: My flash fiction "Fenrir" appears in the anthology Twilight Worlds: Best of NewMyths Anthology Volume II.

11 December 2020: Thrilled to see my poem "The End" in the December 2k20 issue of Penumbric!

5 December 2020: I am so thrilled to be a part of the HWA Poetry Showcase Volume VII with my poem "Haunted" alongside some of the best names in horror poetry!

5 December 2020: Thrilled to see my poem "Home" in Sanitarium Issue 3.

3 December 2020: My reviews of Peppermint (2018) has been published in FanFare while The Boys: A Subversive Tale of Superheroes appears in Cinemania.

24 November 2020: It's been a tough year and writing has been scarce but I always make sure I have something for the monthly Ladies of Horror Flash Project.

For November, I've written The Faerie Cat, inspired by the image below. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you, Nina and Lydia, for giving my little story a home.

31 October 2020: Super excited to see my essay Poltergeist Revisited in Interstellar Flight Magazine just in time for Halloween!

26 October 2020: Happy to see my poem "Mountain" in this month's Ladies of Horror Flash Project!

24 October 2020: Elated to see my essay Final Girl: A Life in Horror in Interstellar Flight Magazine today!

"Christina Sng discusses growing up as a horror fan and what the final girl means to her."

12 October 2020: So happy to see my watercolor painting "Snowstorm" in the October 2k20 issue of Penumbric!

3 October 2020: Happy to see my essay My Cat Does More Than Sleep All Day on Catness!

1 October 2020: A true story that happened during the early hours of 30th September. I quickly wrote it up and sent it to Creatures. Immensely grateful they scheduled it for today. It's an important reminder for all of us to be careful with sticky paper around our little animal friends: I Saved a Lizard from a Sticky Wrapper.

27 September 2020: Happy to see my essay Who Will Care For Your Cat When You Go Away? in Creatures.

27 September 2020: It was a lovely experience writing a poem to my own painting! This month, I am so humbled and honoured to see my writer and poet friends conjure up magical worlds prompted by my art. Please pop by the Ladies of Horror Flash website below and read this month's poetry and fiction, including my poem "Love".

24 September 2020: My humorous flash fiction The Missing Sock appears in MuddyUm.

19 September 2020: So lovely to receive the Fall 2020 issue of Akitsu Quarterly with my 3 haiku, 1 pastel painting, and 2 Japanese brush paintings!

gentle rain
daubing iodine
on my cut

half moon
my sleeping cat
does not stir

lock down
the comforting feeling
of a full nest

18 September 2020: I'm so excited to see my essay Why You Should Adopt an Older Cat in Creatures.

5 September 2020: Thrilled to see my essay The Joys of Living with a Cat on Catness today!

1 September 2020: My digital ink painting "Friends" is on the cover of Shelter of Daylight!

28 August 2020: So happy to see my microfiction "Sunrise" in this month's Ladies of Horror Flash.

16 August 2020: My haiku "malaise" appears in The Cicada's Cry: A Micro Zine of Haiku Poetry -- Special Edition: Haiku in the Time of Coronavirus/Covid-19.

I let things slide

Over the moon to see my 2 poems "Metal Rain" and "A Paradigm of Magic" in Penumbric August 2k20 vol iv issue 2!

3 August 2020: Thrilled to share pages with so many incredible poets and fabulous artist Dan Sauer in Spectral Realms 13 from Hippocampus Press. My poem "All That I Have Lost" appears in this stunning issue.

25 July 2020: I'm so happy to see my poem "Incantation" in this month's Ladies of Horror Flash Project!

22 July 2020: Glad to see my 2 tanka included in tanka 2020: poems from today's world:

unable to sleep
I rescue leaf cuttings
and propagate them
the future feels
an iota brighter

learning to cherish
every moment
with the ones I love
how long do we have
left on this dying world

Thank you so much, Susan Burch, Alexis Rotella, and the editors who selected my work for this timely Red Moon Press anthology.

9 July 2020: Thrilled to be in Star*Line 43.3 with a cherita "The Joy of Travelling" and a scifaiku "android apocalypse".


go see the world, they said
it'll be fun, they said

stranded on a ship
with nothing left to eat
and no one to navigate

lost seasick vampire


android apocalypse
they hated us calling them
toaster oven

7 July 2020: The Summer 2020 issue of Akitsu Quarterly has arrived with my haiga "insomnia" on the inner cover and two haiku inside.

oyster pearl
midway through our breakup
I stop crying

all the things
I'd do differently
summer love

1 July 2020: Happy to see my haiku in the latest issue of Femku:

I let myself
sleep in

24 June 2020: This month's Ladies of Horror Flash poem Demon Night was written after revisiting one of my favourite movies "Demon Knight".

10 June 2020: Penumbric is back!! I'm so proud to be a part of the first new issue with my poems "The Price of Peace", "The Conjurers", and "Venus", and art "Contemplating the Moon", "Light in the Darkness", and "The War Upon Us", plus an interview "New Beginnings" with managing editor Jeff Georgeson on how far we've come in 15 years. Read this fantastic issue at

29 May 2020: Thrilled to see my haibun "A New Earth" and tanka "our ships" in the May 2020 online issue of Scifaikuest.


News alert: the inception of spontaneous wormholes on Earth turns science experiments awry.

yet again
Schrödinger's cat vanishes
from the glass box
only to reappear
beside its food bowl

our ships
sail past the horizon
and into deep space
type III
Kardashev civilization

28 May 2020: My poem "Witching Hour at the Park" appears in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project.

27 May 2020: Happy to see my haiku in this week's Haiku Dialogue curated by Tia Haynes for The Haiku Foundation.

the sleepless nights
take their toll

26 May 2020: My horror story "The Gift of Death" appears in Space and Time 136! Read an excerpt here: 29 April 2020: A special treat for friends who have read A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES and loved the section Fairy Tales. Here's a poem I wrote for you in this month's Ladies of Horror Flash, titled "Little Four".

7 April 2020: My digital ink mixed media painting "The Arrival" in Star*Line 43.2. On sale now from the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

4 April 2020: Happy to see my haiku in The Cicada's Cry.

spring rain
my morning glories
bloom all day

1 April 2020: "Diamond Dust" appears in Abyss & Apex 74.

30 March 2020: Thrilled to see my microfiction "The Price of Privilege" at The Ladies of Horror Flash Project.


The Price of Privilege
by Christina Sng

They always fall for the shiny vintage car and my large mansion on the hill.

That's all they see--the old money and the privilege--and that's what they want. Not me. I'm just part of the package.

So I let them have it, all I possess, and in turn, I collect their souls on our wedding day and give them to my true love who funds all of this.

This is my story. I hope you like it. You missed my name? Oh yes, it's Lilith.


12 March 2020: Elated to see my name on the cover of Space and Time Magazine #136!! My first published short story of 2020, "The Gift of Death", appears in this gorgeous issue.

7 March 2020: My poem "Tree Mother" is up at the Ladies of Horror Flash Project!

6 March 2020: Over the moon to see my painting "Dreams of Another World" on the cover of Scifaikuest! I also have 3 scifaiku and 1 horrorku in this splendid issue.

slow boat to the stars
the humans
we began with
not the same humans
who arrive

seeing you both
perfectly in the dark
my ex and my ex
now my lunch
and my dinner

every lover
in stone
the broken heart
of Medusa

the second
taste of blood
always better

2 March 2020: Happy to see my 3 poems on anger in the latest issue of Femku, edited by Susan Burch.

28 February 2020: My poem "Escape" appears in NOON #16.

20 February 2020: Thrilled to see my cover art "Inside" and 3 scifaiku, 1 horrorku, and 2 tanka in the February 2020 Online issue of Scifaikuest. My horrorku "snowy plains" was selected as the editor's Favorite Poem! :D

pack of werewolves
wondering if we can still change
full moon on Pluto

fissures in the skin
the gradual process
of turning to stone

tidal waves
broken heart
of the siren

snowy plains
so hard to hide
a blood trail

living an eternity
past the event horizon
of a supermassive black hole
the bullet takes forever
to reach my skull

whispered words
from genetic memory
my dead cat alive again
the forgotten art
of necromancy

FAVORITE POEM by editor, t. santitoro

"This horrorku tells of death and possible murder:

snowy plains
so hard to hide
a blood trail

The verse is concise and full of unwritten details, yet it still leaves much to the Reader's imagination, all the while encapsulating an entire story. What makes this my favorite poem, is the ah-ha moment delivered by the last line. Well done, Christina!"

18 February 2020: Awed and thrilled to be a part of this incredible lineup with my poems "The Vodyanoy" and "The Old Gods of Light". Thank you so much, Michael and Doug for including my work in your fantastic anthology Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors!

6 February 2020: Happy to see my 3 poems in the latest issue of Femku.

early winter
snowy streaks
on my head

cutting off a graft
from my tree

the doctor tells me
my results are positive
thorny red roses

6 February 2020: Lovely sharing a page with my poet friends in this week's Haiku Dialogue on tulips, curated by Carole MacRury for The Haiku Foundation:

perfect bloom
again she hears the words
not good enough

29 January 2020: In the latest edition of Haiku Dialogue:

every world
I ever lived in
on that old sofa chair

16 January 2020: In the latest edition of Haiku Dialogue:

freedom just within reach
the nightingale remembers
how to fly

3 January 2020: Happy to share a page with friends in this week's issue of Haiku Dialogue on New Year resolutions, curated by Lori A Minor and Katherine Munro for The Haiku Foundation.

monarch butterfly
emerging from my cocoon
strong and free

3 January 2020: My poem "One Christmas Eve" is now live on the Ladies of Horror Flash Project.

2 January 2020: So happy to be among friends in Femku #19, guest edited by the wonderful Elizabeth Alford, with my 3 haiku:

snowed in
the cat and I
get to know each other

another stillbirth
the snow now
waist deep

my heart expands
in solitude


2020 Sales

29 December 2021: My poems "Jones", "Annihilation", "Vlad's Cat", "Wolf Girl", and "Cat's Life" were sold to Penumbric.

15 December 2020: My poems "Together", "A Wish for You", and "The Company of a Cat" will appear in the charity anthology Like Sunshine After Rain.

1 December 2020: Thrilled to have sold my art piece "Tree of Life" and poem "Dark Forest" to New Myths! :D

29 November 2020: I am so happy to have sold "Into the Woods" as cover art for Marcie Tentchoff's poetry collection Midnight Comes Early.

20 November 2020: "Bird Girl" has been sold as cover art for the Spring 2021 issue of Illumen.

1 October 2020: My drabble "One Day at Recess in the Convent of the Blessed Mother on Victoria Street" was sold to PROFESSOR CHARLATAN BARDOT'S TRAVEL ANTHOLOGY TO THE MOST (FICTIONAL) HAUNTED BUILDINGS IN THE WEIRD, WILD WORLD.

22 September 2020: Haiku "morning song" and "metronome" and Japanese brush painting "Pensive Cat" were accepted for the Spring 2021 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

16 September 2020: "Life on Venus", "Eaten Alive", "After Escaping a Devastated Earth", "First Glimpse of Hell", and "Revelations" were sold to Scifaikuest.

16 September 2020: "All this Rain" was sold to Star*Line.

16 September 2020: "Turned", "Mom", and "Titan Life" were sold to the August 2021 Print issue of Scifaikuest.

7 September 2020: Poems "The End", "The Eternal Fire", "One Dark Night", "History of Our World", and paintings "Snowstorm", and "Starry Night" have been sold to Penumbric.

27 August 2020: "Safe" and "Fairies from the Twilight Forest" have been sold to Spectral Realms #14!

29 July 2020: My contemporary poem "Anaesthesia" will appear in the 2020 Poetry Marathon Anthology.

23 July 2020: Elated to be in this year's Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase with my poem "Haunted" amongst such great company!

19 July 2020: My haiku "malaise" was accepted for The Cicada Cry's Special Edition: Haiku in the Time of Coronavirus.

7 July 2020: Sold "The Dark Forest" to the December 2020 issue of New Myths.

6 July 2020: Three haiku "dressing", "I drink my tea", and "grandma checks" was accepted to the Winter 2020 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

1 July 2020: Sold my first novelette "Fury" to the Black Cranes anthology.

29 June 2020: My poem "Lost Little Girl" was sold to Tales of the Lost: Volume II.

18 June 2020: My poem "The Infinite Lives of the Little Match Girl" was sold to CHIRAL MAD 5.

7 June 2020: Sold 3 digital paintings "Contemplating the Moon", "The War Upon Us", and "Light in the Darkness" to Penumbric.

18 May 2020: "The Joy of Travelling" was sold to Star*Line.

3 May 2020: "Metal Rain", "Venus", "The Conjurers", "The Price of Peace", and "A Paradigm of Magic" were sold to Penumbric.

1 May 2020: "Mother of All Things" has sold to Spectral Realms #14.

22 April 2020: Happy to receive a Featured Poet invitation to the May 2021 issue of Scifaikuest. Included are joined poems "Inate", "The Offering", "Scars", "Anniversary Dinner", and scifaiku, horrorku, and tanka "Dying", "Snow Hare", "The Need to Bite and Gnaw", "From the Helicopter", "The Strangest Things", and "Ocean Waves".

15 April 2020: My contemporary poem "Together" will be exhibited in The Fox Poetry Box!

8 April 2020: Haiku "gentle rain", "half moon", "lock down", and ink art "Hope", "To the Moon", and "Hunter's Moon" will appear in Akitsu Quarterly.

2 April 2020: "Metal Rain", "Venus", "The Conjurers", "The Price of Peace", and "A Paradigm of Magic" were sold to Penumbric.

2 April 2020: "spring rain" was selected for publication in The Cicada's Cry Spring 2020 edition.

1 April 2020: "Fondness for Cats", "Mesmerized", "The Strange Reality", "How Easy It Was", and "Three Moons Orbiting Earth" were sold to the February 2021 issue of Scifaikuest.

25 March 2020: My black and white line digital painting "The Arrival" was sold to Star*Line.

22 March 2020: "Diamond Dust" was sold to Abyss & Apex Issue 74 out this April 2020.

29 January 2020: My cherita "Daddy" was sold to the November 2020 issue of Scifaikuest.

27 January 2020: My short story "The Gift of Death" was sold to Space and Time.

27 January 2020: Two tanka "unable to sleep" and "learning to cherish" have been accepted for the Red Moon Anthology of Tanka, edited by Susan Burch.

15 January 2020: Haiku "oyster pearl", "all the things", and haiga "insomnia" were accepted for Akitsu Quarterly's Summer 2020 issue.

8 January 2020: "Thrown Away in Recycling", "A Lifelong Aversion", and "After the Wedding" were sold to the November 2020 issue of Scifaikuest.


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