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2020 Features

13 April 2020: Elated to see Anton Cancre's wonderful review of my upcoming book of poems A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES. Thank you so much, Anton!

"One of the things Christina has become known for is her ability to craft entrancing stories full of depth and meaning within her poems. She has this knack for giving the reader just enough on the page to build the images and plot in their head, while leaving enough unsaid that it is not dictated for the reader."

"A Collection of Dreamscapes is exactly what I have come to expect from Christina: full of heart, personal, and powerful while opening up her view of the world to include a variety of different lenses and angles of approach."

Read the full review here.

8 March 2020: The first review of A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES is in!!

"This is a fantastic book of poetry that doesn't shy away from true monsters or the many found in myths. The imagery touches the wonderment of fairy tales, the intrigue of myth and our interest in future worlds." --Yolanda Sfetsos

4 March 2020: Elated that my poems "Reparation", "Styx", and "In the End, Only the Gods" have been nominated for the 2020 Rhysling Awards in the Short Poem and Long Poem categories. My most grateful thanks to everyone who nominated my work and to the wonderful editors who gave them a home.

1 March 2020: A lovely conversation with Tammy Walker on Luna Station Quarterly about my book ASTROPOETRY in Conversations with Speculative Poets: Christina Sng.

20 February 2020: My most grateful thanks to the incredible Sadie Colleen Hartmann for her wonderful review of A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES and this breathtakingly beautiful photograph. Her lovely words made my day! Read the full review here.

20 February 2020: Happy to be mentioned in my publisher Jennifer Barnes' article: Burning Bright: How Women Poets Conquered Horror Poetry.

30 January 2020: Thrilled to be featured in LADIES WRITING HORROR FICTION YOU NEED TO READ ASAP.

13 January 2020: Elated to see my scifaiku featured on The Haiku Foundation's Per Diem: Daily Haiku for January 2020 today, curated by Julie Bloss Kelsey.

12 January 2020: Over the moon to see A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES amongst reviewer Cassie Lola Daley's 6 favourite poetry collections, alongside Claire C. Holland's I AM NOT YOUR FINAL GIRL, Sara Tantlinger's LOVE FOR SLAUGHTER, Stephanie M. Wytovich's THE APOCALYPTIC MANNEQUIN, Donna Lynch's CHOKING BACK THE DEVIL, and Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi's BREATHE.BREATHE. Read 6 COLLECTIONS OF HORROR POETRY THAT I LOVE. Thank you so much, Cassie! :D

8 January 2020: My haiku "the half-life" was selected for inclusion in leaning into reeds: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2019.

the half-life
of painkillers
autumn branches

6 January 2020: Honoured to see my haiku receive a mention in the Haiku University's Weekly Best as selected and translated by judge Nadine Leon. Thank you so much, Nadine! Merci beaucoup!

promises broken again
the drifting snowflakes dissipate


2020 Releases

30 March 2020: Thrilled to see my microfiction "The Price of Privilege" at The Ladies of Horror Flash Project.


The Price of Privilege
by Christina Sng

They always fall for the shiny vintage car and my large mansion on the hill.

That's all they see--the old money and the privilege--and that's what they want. Not me. I'm just part of the package.

So I let them have it, all I possess, and in turn, I collect their souls on our wedding day and give them to my true love who funds all of this.

This is my story. I hope you like it. You missed my name? Oh yes, it's Lilith.


12 March 2020: Elated to see my name on the cover of Space and Time Magazine #136!! My first published short story of 2020, "The Gift of Death", appears in this gorgeous issue.

7 March 2020: My poem "Tree Mother" is up at the Ladies of Horror Flash Project!

6 March 2020: Over the moon to see my painting "Dreams of Another World" on the cover of Scifaikuest! I also have 3 scifaiku and 1 horrorku in this splendid issue.

slow boat to the stars
the humans
we began with
not the same humans
who arrive

seeing you both
perfectly in the dark
my ex and my ex
now my lunch
and my dinner

every lover
in stone
the broken heart
of Medusa

the second
taste of blood
always better

2 March 2020: Happy to see my 3 poems on anger in the latest issue of Femku, edited by Susan Burch.

28 February 2020: My poem "Escape" appears in NOON #16.

20 February 2020: Thrilled to see my cover art "Inside" and 3 scifaiku, 1 horrorku, and 2 tanka in the February 2020 Online issue of Scifaikuest. My horrorku "snowy plains" was selected as the editor's Favorite Poem! :D

pack of werewolves
wondering if we can still change
full moon on Pluto

fissures in the skin
the gradual process
of turning to stone

tidal waves
broken heart
of the siren

snowy plains
so hard to hide
a blood trail

living an eternity
past the event horizon
of a supermassive black hole
the bullet takes forever
to reach my skull

whispered words
from genetic memory
my dead cat alive again
the forgotten art
of necromancy

FAVORITE POEM by editor, t. santitoro

"This horrorku tells of death and possible murder:

snowy plains
so hard to hide
a blood trail

The verse is concise and full of unwritten details, yet it still leaves much to the Reader's imagination, all the while encapsulating an entire story. What makes this my favorite poem, is the ah-ha moment delivered by the last line. Well done, Christina!"

18 February 2020: Awed and thrilled to be a part of this incredible lineup with my poems "The Vodyanoy" and "The Old Gods of Light". Thank you so much, Michael and Doug for including my work in your fantastic anthology Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors!

6 February 2020: Happy to see my 3 poems in the latest issue of Femku.

early winter
snowy streaks
on my head

cutting off a graft
from my tree

the doctor tells me
my results are positive
thorny red roses

6 February 2020: Lovely sharing a page with my poet friends in this week's Haiku Dialogue on tulips, curated by Carole MacRury for The Haiku Foundation:

perfect bloom
again she hears the words
not good enough

29 January 2020: In the latest edition of Haiku Dialogue:

every world
I ever lived in
on that old sofa chair

16 January 2020: In the latest edition of Haiku Dialogue:

freedom just within reach
the nightingale remembers
how to fly

3 January 2020: Happy to share a page with friends in this week's issue of Haiku Dialogue on New Year resolutions, curated by Lori A Minor and Katherine Munro for The Haiku Foundation.

monarch butterfly
emerging from my cocoon
strong and free

3 January 2020: My poem "One Christmas Eve" is now live on the Ladies of Horror Flash Project.

2 January 2020: So happy to be among friends in Femku #19, guest edited by the wonderful Elizabeth Alford, with my 3 haiku:

snowed in
the cat and I
get to know each other

another stillbirth
the snow now
waist deep

my heart expands
in solitude


2020 Sales

25 March 2020: My black and white line digital painting "The Arrival" was sold to Star*Line.

22 March 2020: "Diamond Dust" was sold to Abyss & Apex Issue 74 out this April 2020.

29 January 2020: My cherita "Daddy" was sold to the November 2020 issue of Scifaikuest.

27 January 2020: My short story "The Gift of Death" was sold to Space and Time.

27 January 2020: Two tanka "unable to sleep" and "learning to cherish" have been accepted for the Red Moon Anthology of Tanka, edited by Susan Burch.

15 January 2020: Haiku "oyster pearl", "all the things", and haiga "insomnia" were accepted for Akitsu Quarterly's Summer 2020 issue.

8 January 2020: "Thrown Away in Recycling", "A Lifelong Aversion", and "After the Wedding" were sold to the November 2020 issue of Scifaikuest.


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