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2022 Features

1 May 2022: Elated to see TORTURED WILLOWS nominated for the Elgin Award alongside such splendid collections by friends and colleagues: Marge Simon, Mary A. Turzillo, Holly Walrath, Maxwell Ian Gold, Jezzy Wolfe, and Deborah P Kolodji.


27 April 2022: Elated to be a part of this fantastic lineup with my poems entitled collectively as "A Beautiful Darkness" [Do Not Be Afraid Of The Monster Under The Bed, Mother Moon, Stumps, The Art of Violence, The Eternal Sleep of Stone, The Monster With a Smile, and The World in A Dream]! Issue #365 of Weird Tales is on sale now.


25 February 2022: TORTURED WILLOWS is an official nominee on the final ballot of the 2021 Bram Stoker Awards! Thank you so much to everyone who believed in it. Lee, Angela, Gene, and I are immensely grateful to all of you. Kristy, we love you!!


18 February 2022: Elated to see two of my poems nominated for this year's Rhysling Award, "Snow Child" and "Whales". Thank you so much to the nominators for this honor!


23 January 2022: Thank you to my wonderful friends for the news: TORTURED WILLOWS is on the preliminary ballot of the 2022 Bram Stoker Awards!

My deepest gratitude to my Willow sisters, Angela, Gene, Lee, and to K.P. Kulski for her heartrending foreword. Without you, there would be no collection.

Innumerable thanks to the reviewers and everyone who had kind words for our book. These were the hardest poems we ever wrote and we are truly humbled by the acknowledgement the horror community has given us.

Congratulations to all our friends and colleagues with works on the ballot! It is an honor sharing this space with you.

Special shout-out to EV Knight, Steve Stred, Alessandro Manzetti, Tom Deady, Ross Jeffery, Eric LaRocca, Chris Marrs, Jeff Strand, Carol Gyzander, Cindy O'Quinn, Anna Taborska, Kyla Lee Ward, Michael Bailey, Alan Baxter, Gemma Files, Philip Fracassi, Jess Landry, Jonathan Maberry, Alexander P. Garza, Jessica McHugh, Marge Simon, Lucy A. Snyder, Holly Walrath, James Chambers, Willow Dawn Becker, Ellen Datlow, Aaron J. French, Eric J. Guignard, Eugene Johnson, Danel Olson, Kevin Wetmore, David E. Cowen, and Nicholas Diak.


28 January 2022: I had such a wonderful time on the panel of The Modern Horror Renaissance at TBR CON this January with Lee Murray, Ellen Datlow, Eric LaRocca, Sadie Colleen Hartmann, and Andy Davidson. It was such an honor joining all of you in this great and important conversation. Thank you, David Walters, for organizing this fantastic event!


1 January 2022: This was really hard to write but I'm glad I pushed through and did it. I looked back at 2021 and all I saw was fog. But when I waited, it slowly began to clear.

2021 taking my dad pretty much eclipsed every other terrible thing that has ever happened to me. Given the events of the past, that's saying a lot.

But we embrace the storm with the life-giving rain and as the sunshine slowly returns, I remember that there was also an abundance of good:

* I won my second Bram Stoker Award for A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES.

It received Second Prize in the Elgin Awards and was nominated for the 2020 Ladies of Horror Fiction Award.

I am so grateful to the nominators, the jury, and the voters.

Thank you to my publisher Raw Dog Screaming Press, my editor Stephanie M. Wytovich, and my publicist, Erin Al-Mehairi, for making all this possible.

Special thanks to Steven Archer whose hauntingly beautiful cover fully embodies the essence of my book.

* Thank you to the many reviewers who put A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES on their Best of lists and wrote kind words about it.

* A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES received a mention in The Washington Post and my poem "Concepts" was reprinted in it. Innumerable thanks to critic Ron Charles!

* I was awarded the Ladies of Horror Fiction Writers Grant. My very first writing grant! I am so deeply grateful to Steve Stred, the judges, and the donors.

* My essay Final Girl: A Life in Horror was a Stoker finalist for Superior Achievement in Short Non-fiction. Thank you, Holly, for first giving it a home in Interstellar Flight Magazine.

* First mention in Kirkus Reviews of my poems in the phenomenal anthology Shadow Atlas! Thank you, Josh, Carina, and Hillary, for including my work in your groundbreaking project.

* I'm so grateful for my haiku's regular appearances in the Daily and Weekly Best selections at The Haiku University's Haiku Column. Thank you to Professeur Nagata, Mine Sensei, Chiaki Sensei, and my haiku colleagues and friends.

* Winning First Prize in The Pula Film Festival International Competition for Haiku Poetry and the Tokusen (Second Prize) in the 26th International Kusamakura Haiku Competition were dreams come true.

* My Crane sisters, Lee Murray, Gene Flynn, Angela Yuriko Smith, and I saw the publication of our collaborative poetry collection TORTURED WILLOWS: BENT. BOWED. UNBROKEN to rave reviews.

* A huge thank you to my Patrons on Patreon for your unwavering support. I am deeply grateful!

* Seeing my work in the many incredible and inspiring 2021 anthologies and magazines.

* I started studying again. It has been wonderful.

* Rekindled my love for chocolate.

* I returned to sea and loved it.

* Kindness and generosity from strangers, acquaintances, and friends through this difficult year.

* All of you -- my friends on social media -- your compassion and support have been monumental. Thank you for walking on this journey with me.

I wish for a world of good things for you: joy, peace, health, and your heart's deepest hopes and dreams.

May this year be one of light and love for us all.

2022 Releases

11 May 2022: Elated to see my painting "Family Tree" on the cover of Marcie Lynn Tentchoff's poetry collection MIDNIGHT COMES EARLY!.


6 May 2022: The beautiful anthology Musing of the Muses by Brigids Gate Press and edited by Heather and S.D. Vassallo contains 65 stories and poems based on Greek myths, including my short story "The Girl from Sarpedon".


1 May 2022: So lovely to see my work in this month's issue of brass bell on drinkable haiku. Thank you, Zee!

from my oolong tea
old ghosts


11 April 2022: Thrilled to see my poem "Wolf Girl" in the April 2022 issue of Penumbric.


9 April 2022: Thrilled to see my haiku translated and selected for the Haiku University's Weekly Best for the week 14-20 March:

for a moment...the pain forgotten

le chant des oiseaux
pour un douleur oubliee

canto degli ucceli
per un dolore dimenticato


1 April 2022: So lovely to see my haiku in this month's issue of brass bell. Thank you, Zee, for giving my work a home!

feeling safe


27 March 2022: Yesterday, the kids and I went to Dad's favourite restaurant Apolo to celebrate his 88th birthday.

I brought his photo in a clear sleeve and our birthday cards to him tucked behind it so it felt like he was there too.

While ordering, I told the server that it was my Dad's birthday and he said, "Your Dad should be here today."

I replied that he had passed away last year but he used to eat here for the past few decades. I showed him this photo and he recognized him!

He said, "I remember him! He always came by to order takeaway. I was wondering why I didn't see him for a while now."

I thanked him for remembering Dad. It felt like part of Dad was still alive in this man's memory.


For Charles who remembered Dad on his 88th birthday

All that we are
After we are gone:

Ashes in an urn.

Imprints on items
We left for those we loved.

Images on photos
Heavy with emotion.

Our thoughts in letters;
Our handwriting, our words.

Memories in the hearts
Of those who love us;

Memories in the minds
Of those who remember us.


25 March 2022: Delighted to see my art "They're Here" and tanka "every dream" and "the newfangled" in the February 2022 online issue of Scifaikuest.


every dream
I have
comes true
no one has
ever caught me


the newfangled
voodoo doll
in the toyshop
too cute for words
but it still works


24 March 2022: So lovely to see my story "One Dark Night" in Penumbric alongside many wonderful friends and colleagues.


21 March 2022: Thrilled to see my haiku selected in the Haiku University's Weekly Best for February 28 to March 6, 2022 by Paul Callus!

nuit calme
dehors--un combat de chat

calm night
outside--a cat fight


21 March 2022: Deeply honored to be included in Nadine Leon's beautiful video Ma Maison la Terre with my haiku "matin de printemps" alongside many poet friends on Tree and Forests Day. Merci infiniment, Nadine!

matin de printemps
dans un vieil arbre
un chaton


10 March 2022: So happy to see my work selected and translated in the Haiku University's Haiku Column for the week of 7-13 February 2022 by Nadine Leon.

seule je porte les courses
mon coeur lourd

alone I carry the groceries
my heart heavy

da sola porto la spesa
il mio cuore pesante

Merci infiniment, Nadine, pour cet honneur!


5 March 2022: Lovely to see my 2-line haiku in Haiku University's selection for week of 21-27 February 2022:

anniversaire de la mort de papa
pluie de printemps

dad's death anniversary
spring rain

Merci infiniment, Paul Callus et Mine sensei.


1 March 2022: A beautiful moment with my daughter immortalized in haiku.

beach day
my daughter picks
a seashell for me

It appears in brass bell this month! Thank you so much, Zee!


1 March 2022: So lovely to see my poems "How Long Do Monsters Live", "The Land of Fire and Ice", and "Diamond Planet" in Star*Line 45.1 with "How Long Do Monsters Live" selected as an Editor's Choice.


28 February 2022: My interview with The Fantastic Ms Yuriko Smith is live at Interstellar Flight Magazine.

14 February 2022: Super excited to see my digital drawing "The Humans are Flying" in Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine this month! This is the first time Biscuit & Gray from my comic series are featured in a magazine!

"The Humans are Flying" depicts an alien invasion as seen from the eyes of a cat, a rabbit, and their forest friends. Read the rest of the fabulous issue at


10 February 2022: Elated to share pages with Stephen King, Josh Malerman, John Langan, Christa Wojo, Tonya Liburd, Gary A. Braunbeck, Hailey Piper, Sheree Renee Thomas, Sara Tantlinger, Lucy A. Snyder, Marge Simon, Cindy O'Quinn, Shane Douglas Keene, Jamal Hodge, Maxwell Ian Gold, Wrath James White, and Linda D Addison in the CHIRAL MAD 5 anthology, edited by Michael Bailey, with my poem "The Infinite Lives of the Little Match Girl".


9 February 2022: Thrilled to see my painting "Against the Storm" on the cover of the Winter 2022 issue of ILLUMEN!


8 February 2022: So happy to among friends and colleagues in AGAINST THE CURRENT, edited by Lori A Minor. Thank you, Lori, for this beautiful and important book.

I remind myself
my body is my own
desert rose

some things
impossible to forgive
the murder of crows

another stillbirth
the snow now
waist deep

my first year
of freedom


5 February 2022: Delighted to see my haiku in the Winter 2021-22 Issue of World Haiku Review.

Neo-classical Haiku:

winter storm
my cat curls up
close beside me

Vanguard Haiku:

second booster
grandma's hope to see
another Christmas

cold change
the dissipating of friends
after divorce

the massive void
left by my father
stellar black hole


3 February 2022: My poems "Medusa" and "The Mimics" appear in Spectral Realms 16.


6 January 2022: Happy to see my haiku in Haiku Dialogue on the topic of Ad Astra this week:

second chances
my children and I
on the space ark


6 January 2022: Thrilled to be a part of CHIRAL MAD 5 with my poem "The Infinite Lives of the Little Match Girl"!


3 January 2022: Lovely to see my first haiku of/2022 in the January issue of brass bell.

dark morning
still deeply steeped
in nightmares


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